Virtual Class Meeting Ideas

I have never done so many class meetings in my life! Because we are fully virtual, we now have a specific built in virtual class meeting time. Now that I have done so many, I wouldn’t change a thing! I love getting to know my students more and have fun with them! Here are some of a few ways that I have been filling my time in our virtual morning meetings.

Scavenger Hunts: One of the easiest activities that I do at least once a month is a scavenger hunt! I make a FREE new one for every month which you can grab in my TPT store. I like to use these scavenger hunts on days that drag a little bit because it gets the students moving nice and early! Here is how it works:

  • First, I read through the directions which just tells the students that they have 5 minutes to gather all 10 things on the scavenger hunt list.
  • Then, I set the timer and the students run around their houses for the items on the list. Like, “something that makes you think of fall” or “something that gives off light.” I love to see what the students come back with!
  • When they return, I repeat each item category that the students had to gather. They hold the item up to the screen so I can check it out! I comment on a few people each time by saying things like, “wow, that is so cool Jeremy” or “tell me more about what that means to you Charlotte.” This sparks a great conversation and the students love showing off the items they found in their homes. I try to touch base with everyone with all the 10 items.

Games: Games are also a fun way to start your day! Here are a few of my favorites!

  • Kahoot! – This is the most requested activity in my class! This is a virtual survey or quiz platform. You as the teacher can create a game or find one that is already created. Then, you can start a quiz and all the students will join with a code. Students answer questions on their own devices and compete against one another. I like to keep the topics lighthearted so it really is just for fun. Some of my favorite topics are name that logo, animals, memory games. I always search and there are so many options, that is the best part!
  • Put a finger down if… I like to use this game as a way to introduce a topic or after a break. After winter break, I asked questions like: “put a finger down if… you made a snowman”, “put a finger down if… you read a book” etc. You can choose to call the student with the most fingers down a winner or the one with the most fingers left up – depending on the topic!
  • Guess the Gibberish: This is one of my favorite games so why not play it virtually! I found this game FREE from The Science Stalker! Students have to decipher the words meanings by saying them out loud. I have the students type their answer in the chat so I can really tell who was first to solve it. It’s so fun.

Ice Breakers or Discussion Starters:

Sometimes, you just want to spark conversations! I love Would you Rather questions to spark conversations. I also like to open the discussions up with more thought provoking questions. I make new discussion starters for every month! Check them out HERE.

Directed Drawings:

We do a directed drawing once a month. Sometimes for fun, sometimes for a reminder, sometimes to make a card, but always for fun! My favorite website to find directed drawings is Art for Kids Hub on YouTube!

Looking for more morning ideas? Check out my monthly Project Morning Menus!

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